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    ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt

About me:

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of Havana (2004). Masters in Art History, University of Havana (2011). I have worked as professor in the University of Arts of Cuba (ISA), the University of Havana and the Miami Dade College. I have participated as speaker in several events like “Beyond the Hyphen. Approaching a Post Geographic Cuba” (Princeton University, 2014) and the Permanent Seminar of the IGCAAV (Universidad de Guadalajara, 2017).

I have venture in the visual arts and literature from an interdisciplinary perspective. My artistic interests are linked to the new technologies, and especially focused on “dis-occulting” their communicational logic. My works have been included in art shows like “Ojalá!” (Zeitgenössische kubanische Kunst, Berlin, 2015) and “Hope” (ESMoA, Los Angeles, 2017).

You can find my resume in linkedin and samples of my code in github.


You can buy some of my artworks in ebay. For any other business proposal or question contact me.


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